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Although There Is No Progress Without Change, Not All Change Is Progress.

John Wooden

Here’s How We’ll Make Progress Towards Improving Your Financial Well-Being

Whether you’re located in the heart of Seattle or along the Puget Sound, we offer every interested client a complimentary preliminary discussion. During this time, we’ll get to know each other more as we work to understand your current financial standing and future goals. In addition, we’ll outline what we can do in conjunction with our professional partners to best optimize the outcome of your financial strategy.

Long Term Capital Management’s Process


Discovery Meeting

We’ll get to understand your total financial picture through fact-finding and goal identification.



After we’ve strategized with our team, and in most cases your tax and estate professional partners, we’ll deliver our recommendations.



Once you’re comfortable with the solutions we’ve presented, we’ll put the strategies into motion.


Ongoing Understanding

We’ll continuously monitor and adjust your strategies to accommodate market changes and ensure your finances remain on track.

Are You Ready to Make a Change?

Schedule Your Complimentary Meeting